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Transaction Pro Will Not Activate


Transaction Pro will not activate.


There are several reasons that Transaction Pro (TPro) will not activate. If TPro has previously been activated and is being re-activated on either the same computer or a different computer and the original installation has not be deactivated, contact TPro Support at to have the license reset.

If this is not the issue, below is a list of items to check and/or try. 

  1. Verify that the correct password is being used. The password should not contain any spaces, and it must be entered exactly as it was sent including -TPI if that is displayed at end of the password.
  2. Try entering the password in all CAPS. Some machines require that the password be entered as all CAPS. 
  3. Verify the correct TPro version is installed. The password provided does not work on all versions. It only works for the version that is originally issued. If TPro Version 7 was purchased after May 23, 2019, the only version sold is the server version. Verify that SERVER appears at the end of the name at the top of the TPro window.
  4. Users must have full read/write permissions to both TPro folders installed. If the default locations were used during installation, the folders will be located under MY DOCUMENTS and PROGRAM FILES (x86).
  5. Verify that TPro is installed in the correct location. TPro must be installed on the same machine on which QuickBooks (QB) is launched. If QB is installed on the user's local machine, then TPro must also be installed on local machine. If QB launches from a server and the user accesses it on a virtual or remote desktop, then TPro needs to be installed on the same server with a shortcut set up on the user's virtual or remote desktop. See these articles for more information about this: Desktop Versus Server Installation and Set Up User to Access TPro from Server.
  6. Verify that QB is not being launched in RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR mode. Neither QB or TPro can be run in this mode. To check this, right click on the QB icon and select PROPERTIES. Select the COMPATIBILITY tab. RUN THIS PROGRAM AS ADMINISTRATOR should not be checked.
  7. Verify that QB is not being run in compatibility mode. Neither QB or TPro can be run in this mode. To check this, right click on the QB icon and select PROPERTIES. Select the COMPATIBILITY tab. RUN THIS PROGRAM IN COMPATIBILITY MODE FOR should not be checked.
  8. Reboot computer after installing TPro. Some machines require a reboot in order to fully installed TPro.
  9. TPro may not have installed correctly or fully. Follow the steps below to reinstall:
    1. Uninstall TPro
    2. Reboot computer
    3. Reinstall TPro but select to install CUSTOM instead of TYPICAL and select to only install the main program and not the sample templates and color schemes
    4. Reboot computer
    5. Launch QB as ADMIN User and in SINGLE USER mode
    6. Launch TPro and select the third connection option YES, WHENEVER THIS COMPANY FILE IS OPEN
    7. Try again to activate TPro
    8. If TPro activates, the sample templates can be found HERE, and the color schemes can be found HERE.

If none of the above resolves the activation issue, please email TPro Support at for further assistance.

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  • 09-Jan-2020