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Use Aliases with Transaction Pro Imports for QB Desktop
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When importing Credit Card Charges, how can the Vendor names on the Credit Card Statement be matched to the Vendor names that already exist in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)?




Transaction Pro (TPro) Importer for QBDT has an ALIASES option that allows names to be matched between the import file and the names in QBDT, if they do not match. In addition, the ALIASES option allows specific General Ledger Expense Accounts to be assigned to specific Vendors. The ALIASES option is available for the following import transaction types:


  • Bank Statement
  • Bill
  • Check
  • Credit Card Charge
  • Credit Card Credit
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Vendor Credit


To use the ALIASES option:


On the fourth window of TPro Importer for the transaction types above, there will be an ALIASES button in the center of the bottom of the window. Click the button to open the ALIASES setup window.



On the ALIASES setup window, enter the KEYWORD for which TPro is to search and then the correct PAYEE name and the General Ledger Expense ACCOUNT that should be used with this PAYEE. In the example below, the Credit Card Statement had Starbucks #12345 as the Payee. However, in QBDT, all Starbucks charges are to be posted to the Vendor Starbucks, not dependent on the store number. Therefore, enter Starbucks in the KEYWORDS field so that TPro will update any Payee with Starbucks in the name to the specified Payee that is entered in the PAYEE field and to the Expense Account that is entered in the ACCOUNT field. 


Once the information is entered, click the ADD/UPDATE button.



When using the ALIASES option, the data must be created for all data rows that are being imported, even if the names will match exactly or the Accounts are already correct. Once data has been setup for all data rows, click SAVE AS to save the Aliases file. It can be saved in any location and with any name and will save as a .tpa file type. Multiple Aliases setup files may be saved for different import types. In additional Aliases setup files can be updated as needed. 


Once all the data has been entered and is correct, click APPLY to return to the regular flow of TPro Importer.



To use the ALIASES option on future imports, click the ALIASES button on the fourth window of TPro Importer and load the appropriate Aliases file by clicking LOAD ALIASES and selecting the correct Alias setup file. Make any changes necessary, if any. Click APPLY and continue with the import process.


If corrections/changes are necessary, double-click on the row to be updated to move it into the editing row at the top of the screen. Make necessary changes and then click ADD/UPDATE to apply the changes. Click APPLY to apply the ALIASES and continue with the import. It is not necessary to click SAVE AS on an existing map. The map will automatically update and save any changes that were made upon clicking APPLY.


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