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Use the Default Value Column in Transaction Pro Online
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How is the Default Value column used on the mapping screen of Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online?




The Default Value column within Importer can save time from manually manipulating the import file prior to importing into QuickBooks Online. Below are some examples of how this column can be used to help further streamline the import process.  


Default Value Examples


Often times, the QB field value is the same for all lines in the import file, but the file does not contain this information. If this is the case, enter the value to be imported for this field under the Default Value column, and the value will import for all lines of the import file.


Below are just a few examples of QB fields where a Default Value can be useful when importing:


  • Bank Account Names on Check and Sales Receipt imports
  • Credit Card Account Names on Credit Card Charge import
  • Memo field on any transactions import
  • Journal Entry RefNumber field, if the entire import file is one Journal Entry
  • Terms codes, if imported Invoices or Bills are all to have the same Terms
  • Transaction Date, if all the transactions are for the same date



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