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Cancel a Transaction Pro Online Subscription
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How can a Transaction Pro subscription for QuickBooks Online be cancelled?




Before cancelling a subscription, it is best to edit the subscription name to be unique to ensure that the correct subscription is being cancelled, if this has not already been done. Only the Owner role can edit the subscription name.


To edit a subscription name, click on EDIT NAME next to the current name.



A box will appear to allow you to update the name. When updated, click the Green Checkmark to save your changes. Click the Red X to discard your changes.



Once the subscription name has been edited to a unique name, click MANAGE for the subscription that needs to cancelled. Then click MODIFY SUBSCRIPTION.



When the window opens, click the red CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button in the bottom left. 





Another window will open that will ask if you are sure you want to cancel your subscription. If you are sure, click YES, CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.



If a subscription has been selected to cancel in error or if it is decided that a subscription does not need to be cancelled before the cancellation date, please contact Transaction Pro Support at [email protected] for assistance with reactivating the subscription. 


If a subscription needs to be reactivated after the cancellation date, a new subscription will need to started and setup.

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