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Term Import Fields for Transaction Pro Online
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TPro Field Name QuickBooks Online Field Name Required Character Type Character Limit Notes
Name Name Y Alpha-numeric 31 To import Term be a Sub-Term of another Term, use format Term:Sub-Term
DueDays Due in fixed number of days N Numeric 3 Due Date calculated by adding the specified number of days to the transaction date.
DayOfMonthDue Due by certain day of month N Numeric 2 Due Date set to be a specific day of the month.
DueNextMonthDays Due the next month if issued within N Numeric 3 If the Due Date is within the specified number of days from the transaction date, the Due Date will be set for the next month on the specified day of the month.
NOTE: Enter either DueDays or DayOfMonthDue and DueNext MonthDays but not both for a Term.
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