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Vendor Import Fields for Transaction Pro Online
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TPro Field Name QuickBooks Online Field Name Required Character Type Character Limit Notes
Title Title N Alpha-numeric 4 Example: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr
CompanyName Company N Alpha-numeric 100  
FirstName First name N Alpha-numeric 25  
MiddleName Middle name N Alpha-numeric 25  
LastName Last name N Alpha-numeric 100  
Suffix Suffix N Alpha-numeric 4 Example: Jr, Sr, II, III
DisplayName Display Name as Y Alpha-numeric 100 Can be either the vendor's name or company name. This is the value that will be used when importing transactions for the vendor. To make Vendor a Sub-Vendor of another Vendor, enter in format Vendor:Sub-Vendor.
PrintOnCheckName Print on check as N Alpha-numeric 100 Defaults to Display name as value unless different value is imported.
AddressLine1 Address N Alpha-numeric 500  
AddressLine2 Address N Alpha-numeric 500  
AddressLine3 Address N Alpha-numeric 500  
AddressLine4 Address N Alpha-numeric 500  
AddressCity City/Town N Alpha-numeric 255  
AddressState State/Province N Alpha-numeric 255  
AddressPostalCode ZIP Code N Alpha-numeric 30  
AddressCountry Country N Alpha-numeric 255  
Website Website N Alpha-numeric 100 Must be valid website address.
TaxIdentifier Business ID No. N Alpha-numeric 20 For US Vendors, format as either 99-9999999 or 999-99-9999.
AcctNum Account no. N Alpha-numeric 100  
Vendor1099 Track payments for 1099 N Y or N N/A For US Vendors only. Default is False (unchecked). To check field, valid values are 1, t, true, y, or yes.
Email Email N Alpha-numeric 100 Must be valid email. If multiple email addresses, separate each email by a comma.
PhoneNumber Phone N Alpha-numeric 30  
MobileNumber Mobile N Alpha-numeric 30  
FaxNumber Fax N Alpha-numeric 30  
OtherNumber Other N Alpha-numeric 30  
SalesTerms Terms N Alpha-numeric 31 If does not exist, import will set up a new Term during import set to net due in 30 days.
Currency I pay this vendor with N Alpha  3 Only available if multi-currency activated in QuickBooks Online. Must match currencies pre-defined in QuickBooks Online.
BillRate Billing rate (/hr) N Numeric 15 Maximum value 999,999,999,999.99
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