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Journal Entry Import Fields for Transaction Pro Online

TPro Field Name QBO Field Name Required Character Type Character Limit Notes
RefNumber Journal no. Y Alpha-numeric 21 The Reference Number is the assigned Journal Number, but it also is how TPro and QBO know which detail rows belong on the same transaction. Import must be sorted  by this column prior to importing.
TxnDate Journal date N Date N/A If no date is imported, transaction will be dated the day of the import.
PrivateNote Memo N Alpha-numeric 4000  
IsAdjustment Is Adjusting Journal Entry? N Y or N N/A Default is False (unchecked). To check field, valid values are 1, t, true, y, or yes.
Currency Currency N Alpha  3 Only available if multi-currency activated in QBO. Must match currencies pre-defined in QBO.
ExchangeRate   N Numeric   For all currencies except for BITCOIN, the saved Exchange Rate for that currency in QBO must be used.
Account Account N Alpha-numeric 100 Account must exist in QBO prior to import. Import either the full Account Name or the Account Number. See this article for more info.
LineAmount Debits / Credits N Numeric 11 Maximum value 99,999,999,999. Positive numbers are imported as Debits; negative numbers are imported as Credits.
LineDesc Description N Alpha-numeric 4000  
Entity Name N Alpha-numeric 100 Customer, Vendor, or Employee name. Name must exist in QBO prior to import. If AR account type imported, must specify a Customer. If AP account type imported, must specify a Vendor. If importing a sub-Customer or sub-Vendor, see this article for more info.
Class Class N Alpha-numeric 100 Class must exist in QBO prior to import. If importing a sub-Class, see this article for more info.
Location Location N Alpha-numeric 100 Location must exist in QBO prior to import. May be set as Business, Department, Division, Location, Property, Store, or Territory in QBO Settings. However, the field will also be named Location in TPro mapping. If importing a sub-Location, see this article for info.
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  • 24-Oct-2020