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Receive Payment Import Fields for Transaction Pro Online
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TPro Field Name QuickBooks Online Field Name Required Character Type Character Limit Notes
RefNumber   Y Alpha-numeric 31 The Reference Number for this type of import should be unique for each row.
TxnDate Payment date N Date N/A If no date is imported, transaction will be dated the day of the import.
PaymentRefNumber Reference no N Alpha-numeric 31 The Payment Reference Number is the actual reference number of the payment received such as the Check Number or the ACH Confirmation Number. If the payment is paying multiple Invoices, this number can be repeated multiple times on the same import.
Customer Customer Y Alpha-numeric 100 If importing a sub-Customer or Project, must include the full name. See this article for more info.
PaymentMethod Payment method N Alpha-numeric 31  
DepositToAccount Deposit to N Alpha-numeric 100 Import either the full Account Name or the Account Number of the Bank Account into which payment was deposited. See this article for more info.
InvoiceApplyTo Invoice no N Alpha-numeric 21 Must be an Invoice Number that already exists in QuickBooks Online prior to importing. If no Invoice Number is imported, payment will be auto-applied to the account.
LineAmount Payment Y Numeric 11 Maximum value 99,999,999,999.
PrivateNote Memo N Alpha-numeric 4000  
Currency   N Alpha  3 Only available if multi-currency activated in QuickBooks Online. Must match currencies pre-defined in QuickBooks Online.
ExchangeRate   N Numeric   For all currencies except for BITCOIN, the saved Exchange Rate for that currency in QuickBooks Online must be used.
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