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Export the Trial Balance Report from QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro Exporter


Can the Trial Balance Report be exported with Transaction Pro Exporter for QuickBooks Online (QBO)?


When exporting transactions and lists from QBO with Exporter, there is now the option to export the Trial Balance report. 

Below are the steps to export the Trial Balance Report.

Step 1: Get Started

To get started, login with your Intuit ID at

Step 2: Launch Exporter

Click EXPORT to open the Exporter.

Step 3: Select Export Type

On the left side of Exporter, select TRIAL BALANCE in the Export Type dropdown.

Step 4: Select Filter

Select the ACCOUNTING METHOD for your Trial Balance Report. 

Step 5: Select Preview.

Click PREVIEW to view the Trial Balance that will be exported.

Step 6: Export Data.

Click EXPORT DATA in the bottom right.

Step 7: View Export List.

After clicking Export Data you will see a list of titled My Exports. This is a list of all lists, transactions and reports that you have exported from QBO using Transaction Pro Exporter. It will show pending while it creates the report.

Step 8: Download report.

Click on the DOWNLOAD hyperlink to the right of the report to download the Trial Balance Report.

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  • 02-Apr-2021