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Let QBO Assign the Next Transaction Number during Import


How can the next transaction number in QuickBooks Online (QBO) be used when importing a transaction with Transaction Pro Importer?


If the transaction number is not in the import file or if it is preferred to let QBO use the next transaction number in the current numbering sequence, on the PREVIEW AND IMPORT screen, select the OPTIONS button along the top right of the table. Select the appropriate transaction option to LET QUICKBOOKS AUTO-ASSIGN and click SAVE.

When the import is processed, the transaction will be assigned the next number after the last manually entered or imported transaction of this same type.

This feature is available on the following transaction types:

  • Estimates

  • Invoices

  • Sales Receipts

  • Purchase Orders

  • Credit Memos

If the option to LET QUICKBOOKS AUTO-ASSIGN is used, a value will still need to be provided for the REFNUMBER field as this is how Importer knows where a transaction begins and end and which detail lines to group together on the same transaction. Read more about the Reference Number field in this KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE.


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  • 20-Mar-2020