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Blank Transaction Number When Auto Assign Option Selected
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After selecting the Option for QuickBooks Online to AUTO ASSIGN the transaction number and importing the transaction with Transaction Pro Importer, the transaction number field is blank in QuickBooks Online.




If a transaction number is not auto assigned even when the Option to have QuickBooks Online AUTO ASSIGN the transaction number is selected, then please review and try the following:

  1. In order to use the Option to AUTO ASSIGN transaction number, the Custom Transaction Numbers options in QuickBooks Online cannot be active. To turn this Option off in QuickBooks Online, go to Company Settings, Sales Tab, and in the section Sales Form Content, turn off the feature for Custom Transaction Numbers.
  2. If this Option in QuickBooks Online is already unchecked, the beginning transaction number may need to be re-established by manually creating a transaction in QuickBooks Online and saving it. The transaction can then be voided.
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