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Term Import Fields for Transaction Pro Online

![][1] TPro Field Name QuickBooks Online Field Name Required Character Type Character Limit Notes Name Name Y Alpha-numeric 31 To import Term be a Sub-Term of another Term, use format Term:Sub-Term DueDays Due in fixed number of days N Numeric 3 Due Date calculated by adding the specified number of d…

Error Validating Sales Term ID: Required Field Not Specified

**MESSAGE** "Error validating sales term ID: required field not specified" **RESOLUTION** This error message appears because a Sales Term was not specified and mapped to the field Sales Terms. QuickBooks Online requires that a Sales Term be mapped to the field. To resolve this issue, either a Sales Terms must be a…

Do Not Auto-Create List Items when Importing

**QUESTION** Is there an Option to control as to whether or not list items are auto-created when importing into QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro Importer? **RESOLUTION** Yes, Importer has the Options available to tell QuickBooks Online to not auto- create list items during an import. The list items include: …

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