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Time Activities - Hours/Minutes Must Be Supplied

**MESSAGE** "Hours/minutes must be supplied for a time tracking item" **RESOLUTION** Check to see if any transaction in the import file that have a zero for the duration. These rows should be deleted from the import file prior to importing.

Error Validating Invalid Double

**MESSAGE** "Error validating Invalid double:" when importing Time Activities into QuickBooks Online **RESOLUTION** Verify the following: 1. If importing billable time into QuickBooks Online, be sure to have an import column with a Y mapped to BillableStatus or enter a Y for the Default Value column. 2. If imp…

Time Activity Import Fields for Transaction Pro Online

![][1] TPro Field Name QuickBooks Online Field Name Required Character Type Character Limit Notes TxnDate Date N Date N/A If no date is imported, transaction date will default to the date of the import. Name Name Y Alpha-numeric 100 Name can be an Employee Name or a Vendor Name (Contractor). Name mus…

Error Validating Employee or Vendor

**MESSAGE** "Error Validating Employee or Vendor" when importing Time Activities. **RESOLUTION** This message appears because an Employee or Vendor in the import file does not already exist in QuickBooks Online. All Employees and Vendors in a Time Activities import file must previously exist in QuickBooks Online pr…

Import Time Activities into QuickBooks Online

**QUESTION** How are Time Activities imported into QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro Importer? **RESOLUTION** Payroll data can be imported from outside Time Clock and Scheduling applications into QuickBooks Online as a Time Activities import using Importer. The data imports into Time/Enter Single Activity wit…

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