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Update or Add Payment Method to Transaction Pro Online Subscription

**QUESTION** How can the Payment Method on a Transaction Pro subscription for QuickBooks Online be updated? **RESOLUTION** To change or update a payment method for a Transaction Pro Online subscription, the user will need to have Billing Admin Access. Click on MANAGE. Then click UPDATE PAYMENT METHOD. ![][1] When…

Add or Delete Users from Online Subscription Account

**QUESTION** How do I add or delete users from my online subscription account for Transaction Pro? **RESOLUTION** The ADMIN user of the online subscription is the only one that can add or remove PARTICIPANT users for the subscription. Below are the steps for adding or deleting a PARTICIPANT USER: * From the mai…

This Feature is Not Included in Your QuickBooks Online Subscription

**MESSAGE** "We're sorry. This feature is not included in your QuickBooks Online subscription." **RESOLUTION** This message means that you are trying to import either a field or transaction type that is not included in your current QuickBooks Online subscription. QuickBooks Online has four subscription levels: Sim…

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