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Filter Credit Card Transactions to Delete by Unreconciled

**QUESTION** How can Credit Card Transactions be filtered by reconciled versus reconciled in Transaction Pro Deleter? **RESOLUTION** At this time, there is not a reconciled flag available to be used as a filter with Deleter.

Filter Transactions to Delete

**QUESTION** How can Transactions be filtered in Transaction Pro Deleter? **RESOLUTION** When first retrieving transactions to delete in Deleter, the transactions can be filtered by either a Date or Reference Number range. Once the transactions are in the grid, they can be sorted by any column by clicking on the co…

Filter Options for Transaction Pro Exporter

**QUESTION** What options exist for filtering or altering exported data from QuickBooks Desktop using Transaction Pro Exporter? **RESOLUTION** Transaction Pro Exporter has several filtering options available to be selected during the export process. _**SEARCH FILTER Tab**_ 1. Data can be selected by a NAME or R…

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