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Import Bank Statements or Bank Transactions

**QUESTION** Can Bank Transactions (Deposits and Checks) be imported together into QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) with Transaction Pro Importer? **RESOLUTION** Both Deposits and Checks can be imported together in a single import as a Bank Statement import into QBDT with Importer. Below are some formatting information f…

Import Deposits to QuickBooks Online

**QUESTION** What are some common uses for a Deposit import into QuickBooks Online with Transaction Pro Importer? **RESOLUTION** Some of the most common uses for a Deposit import are listed below: * Recording donations from an online web app * Recording daily activity from a Point of Sale (POS) system * Impo…

Import Undeposited Funds Deposits into QuickBooks Online

**QUESTION:** How are Deposit imports posted from Undeposited Funds when importing with Transaction Pro Importer into QuickBooks Online? **RESOLUTION:** When importing Deposits into QuickBooks Online with TPro Importer, Deposits can be posted from Undeposited Funds. However, the Receive Payment or Sales Receipt tra…

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