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Credit Card Credit Import Fields for Transaction Pro Online

![][1] TPro Field Name QuickBooks Online Field Name Required Character Type Character Limit Notes RefNumber Ref No Y Alpha-numeric 21 The Reference Number is the Credit Card Credit Reference Number, but it also is how TPro and QuickBooks Online know which detail rows belong on the same transaction. Import …

Use Aliases with Transaction Pro Imports for QB Desktop

**QUESTION** When importing Credit Card Charges, how can the Vendor names on the Credit Card Statement be matched to the Vendor names that already exist in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)? **ANSWER** Transaction Pro (TPro) Importer for QBDT has an ALIASES option that allows names to be matched between the import file and…

Transactions Must Have At Least One Line Item - Make Sure an Account or Item is Specified on At Least One Transaction Line

**MESSAGE** "Transactions must have at least one line item - Make sure an account or item is specified on at least one transaction line" **RESOLUTION** For the transaction types listed below, QuickBooks gives the option of using either Expense Accounts or Items on the transaction. * Bills * Checks * Credit C…

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