Transaction Pro Importer 4.0 Retirement

Note all support for Transaction Pro Importer 4.0 for QuickBooks will be discontinued as of 8/31/2015.

Transaction Pro Importer 4.0 was released 10/1/2009 and is now approaching 6 years old.
Please upgrade to 6.0 which was released 8/1/2015 or you will be unable to receive support for this product including the forum after 8/31/2015.
To Upgrade to Transaction Pro Importer 6.0, click here.
Why are we doing this? 
Transaction Pro products previous to version 5.0 use an outdated registration number that requires serial numbers to be generated for a machine. This serial number registration system is being retired from an old web server for security reasons and will no longer be able to generate replacement serial numbers after the retirement date. Newer versions of Transaction Pro utilize a portable internet based licensing system that allows the user to deactivate and activate a license between machines without needing access to the old machine. 
Version of Transaction Pro prior to version 5 do not support the latest, most widely used operating systems (Windows 8,7). Upgrading to version 6.0 gives you support of all operating systems from Windows 10 all the way back to Windows XP (including Windows 8 and 7).