Transaction Pro Exporter 6.0.04 for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Is Available

On January 2, 2017 we have made available a newer build (Build 6.0.04) of the Transaction Pro Exporter 6.0 for QuickBooks ("TPE6").  You can obtain the latest build by selecting About and then Check for Updates within TPI6.  Read more on our blog.
You can find all the release notes below.
Version 6.004 01/02/2017
Fixed issue where pullings statement charges were querying the chart of accounts
Added Max field to Item List (Item Inventory and Item Assy for QB 2016 or later)
Changed DLL from MSXML4 to MSXML6
Added function to return zero value instead of null for the following fields: Cost, Amount, SubTotal
Fixed issue where lists couldn't be filterd by last exported date
Version 6.003 10/09/2015
Fixed issue where pullings lists were querying the chart of accounts
Version 6.002 8/21/2015
Fixed issue where selecting RefNumber search would change to date filter when retrieving data
Version 6.001 8/11/2015
Fixed issue with Customer Query in Enterprise 15. Error 14626 Invalid Procedure Call or Argument error #5
Version 6.000     8/5/2015
Intitial Product Release
If you are on a version prior to version 6 you can upgrade at a discount as an existing user here.